From the Heart
A consortium of musicians who gather to play a broad spectrum of early music from Machaut to Rameau.
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From the Heart

From the Heart:

String music in 17th century Austria and Germany


During the 17th century, beset by climate change, wars, famine, and pandemics, Austria and Germany were home to the flowering of the new stylus fantasticus, a free, virtuosic style of music. Its union with older dance forms produced a uniquely eloquent, and wonderfully human music, full of warmth, vigor, pathos, and endless invention. This program showcases string consort music in this “fantastic style” by Heinrich Biber, Johann Heinrich Schmelzer, Dietrich Buxtehude, and Johann Herman Schein, among others. Performing are Elizabeth Blumenstock and Cynthia Black, violin; Lisa Grodin, violin and viola; Jeffrey Smith, viola; Mary Springfels, viola da gamba, and Kathleen McIntosh, harpsichord.


Saturday, March 5, 7:30 pm
San Miguel Chapel, 401 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe
All tickets: $20

Tickets to From the Heart are sold out. Thank you for your support!

We are very concerned for everyone’s safety during Covid: We will expect all attendees to follow current CDC and New Mexico state protocols regarding face masks, and to show proof of vaccination to enter. Additionally, we will limit ticket sales for each concert to 65 to insure comfortable distancing when seated, so don’t delay!