The Lovers’ Bane
A consortium of musicians who gather to play a broad spectrum of early music from Machaut to Rameau.
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The Lovers’ Bane

The Lovers’ Bane:



The Story of Tristan and Yseut, as told in music of the 13th Century

The potion had been drunk; the secret lovers exposed. Tristan is in exile and has become a knight of the round table. He and Yseut (Isolde) will yearn for one another for the rest of their days. All that is left to them is the poetry and music through which they put out their hearts. Their tragedy was told and retold throughout the Middle Ages, and, in more modern times by Richard Wagner.  Two precious 13th Century French manuscripts contain imaginative recreations of what their songs might have been like. Performers Shira Kammen, vielle and harp; Christopher LeCluyse, tenor; Emily Noël, soprano; Drew Minter, baritone and harp; and Mary Springfels, vielle and citole; will present evocative words, music, and images from the period.

Open Rehearsal: Friday, May 27, 7:30 pm
Unitarian Universalist Congregation, 107 W. Barcelona Rd, Santa Fe
All rehearsal tickets: $10


Concert: Saturday, May 28, 7:30 pm
San Miguel Chapel, 401 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe
All tickets: SOLD OUT

We are very concerned for everyone’s safety during Covid: We will expect all attendees to follow current CDC and New Mexico state protocols regarding face masks, and to show proof of vaccination to enter. Additionally, we will limit ticket sales for each concert to 65 to insure comfortable distancing when seated, so don’t delay!