Lyras on-line
A consortium of musicians who gather to play a broad spectrum of early music from Machaut to Rameau.
early music, Machaut, Rameau, Baroque, music, music workshop, concert, historically informed performance, performance, art, new mexico, period instruments, instruments, santa fe music, music event, santa fe
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Lyras on-line





Southcote-Paven-Prima-Pars-edited (courtesy V Kaycoff)

Southcote-Paven-Secunda-Pars-edited (courtesy V Kaycoff)





Timings for week 2 sound files

Southcote with fingerings, prima pars (Wed. class)

Southcote with fingerings, secunda pars (Wed. class)

Ferrabosco galliard, both parts (Tues. class)

Ferrabosco galliard (Martha Bishop Ed., much more readable)

Ferrabosco coranto, both parts

Timings for week 3 sound files

Why Not Here (Ford)

Timings for week 4 sound files

Student solos:

Spirit of gambo (Gwyneth)

Manchester Viol Book #4 (Penny)

Jenkins almain (James)

Love’s farewell (Sarah)

A Pollish Vilanell (Zoe)


Sound files for week 4:


Why Not Here, rehearsal speed, prima pars

Why Not Here, rehearsal speed, secunda pars

Why Not Here, performance speed, prima pars

Why Not Here, performance speed, secunda pars


Sound files for week 3:


Ferrabosco galliard, real slow, both parts

Ferrabosco coranto, real slow, both parts

Ferrabosco coranto, mm52, both parts

Ferrabosco coranto, mm63, both parts

Ferrabosco galliard, mm60, both parts

Ferrabosco galliard, mm66, both parts


Sound files for week 2:


An Almain mm72 Prima Pars


An Almain mm72 Secunda Pars


An Almain mm84 Prima Pars


An Almain mm84 Secunda Pars (apologies for recording glitch in B sections)


An Almain mm58-half Prima Pars


An Almain mm58-half Secunda Pars


An Almain mm58-half, both parts together


Southcote Galliard mm60 Prima Pars


Southcote Galliard mm60 Secunda Pars


Southcote Galliard mm72 Prima Pars


Southcote Galliard mm72 Secunda Pars


Southcote Galliard mm72, both parts together


Sound files for week 1:


Cate of Bardie mm76 Prima Pars


Cate of Bardie mm76 Secunda Pars


Cate of Bardie mm92 Prima Pars


Cate of Bardie mm92 Secunda Pars


Cate of Bardie mm92, both parts together


Southcote Paven mm60 Prima Pars


Southcote Paven mm60 Secunda Pars


Southcote Paven mm60, both parts together